Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sexy Red Gothic Corset Dress for Blood Devotion Wedding

Gothic dresses and wedding gowns for a dark fantasy prom or Gothic bride mostly inspired by Grecian, Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Baroque, fantasy and fairytale styles. Produce a variety of styles and accents are typical of each era. Either they red, gold or silver lace, jacquard, ribbons, cording and trim accents. This time I introduce a wedding dress that is inspired from popular Gothic tradition. Blood Devotion Vows!

The Red Gothic Corset Dress silk with Asymmetrical Skirt is inspired by Blood Devotion Vows ceremony, the traditional gothic wedding - traditional in the sense that it's far more likely to be performed than a full-on Victorian bash. Blood devotion vows are popular because of the links to handfasting (many Goths are pagan or Wiccan) and vampirism - many vampire lifestylers, whether Goth or not, have been known to take the blood vows.

Certain Gothic vows are recited. The couple's left wrists are bound together with red cloth, and the bride and groom both drink out of a wedding goblet filled with red wine. The wine symbolizes the couple's 'blood devotion' to each other. The very last drop of wine is poured upon the wedding altar. In order for it to be a legal marriage, the couple must be declared 'husband and wife' at some point. A Gothic celebration follows. This ceremony is similar to handfasting due to the binding of the wrists.

This red Gothic wedding dress is seductive dark and beautiful, great for a queen of hearts ensemble or for just being edgy and beautiful. The top is a fully boned four layered corset made of silk black taffeta with a deep blood red silk dupioni applique. Elegant black lace gently frames the buntlines will a fun frill of white front edges the bottom. Black grommets in the back with red ribbon lacing and a separating strong zipper for easy wear.

The skirt is created from a combination of red organdy, chiffon, silk and polyester. It is a One of a kind skirt can be remade but would be always be a little different. It is higher on one hip for a little flirtatious fun and tacked up in a mix of fun drapes and curves of red.

Sexy Red Gothic Corset Dress with asymmetrical skirts by and will ship within 2-3 days of ordering ships priority mail domestic and international.

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