Monday, April 4, 2011

Make it Memorable Monday - in memory of...

Indulge me.

I know that my Make it Memorable Monday's are about helping you to celebrate the everyday but today I want to digress. Slightly.

Nanna 6

Yesterday morning my husband's grandmother passed away a couple of weeks away from turning 93. It was a very sad, and emotional day for us all, so while very brief, I want to dedicate this post to remembering her - to celebrate her life and what she meant to me.

Nanna 5

Nanna was a lady; a blue haired, stockings, pearls and lipstick kind of lady. She made me my Marilyn Monroe costume that I wore on the second official date with my husband (long story, for maybe another time).

Nanna collage 2

She had a wonderful china collection, was a bridge player and dedicated Church goer.

Nanna 4

I loved her for the crocheted coat hangers I got for my birthday,

Nanna 3

and the fact that she needed to have a small glass of sherry to take the edge of her nerves before each State of Origin game (a Queensland Vs New South Wales football match), not that I know why, I clearly recall her saying that God was a Queenslander, so she really didn't have anything to worry about.

Nanna collage 1

But most of all, I loved her because in my husbands eyes, she was the best kind of Nanna you could have. I love you my husband, and I share your pain.

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